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Dear All

It is now a few weeks since the President’s Handover in Doreen’s magnificent garden. The Pimms ran freely – but unfortunately so did the rain with an absolute downpour just as we were about to eat!  The sky might have been dark, but the mood of fellow Rotarians was certainly not and it was clear that it would take more than torrential rain to dampen our spirits.  We said thank you to Pam and presented her with a parting gift which she was clearly not expecting.   I was then delighted by/subject to a re-working of a “Policeman’s Lot” performed by some of the more shy and retiring ladies of the Club.  With Sue dressed as Judge and others dressed as Police Officers waving truncheons around, or prisoners wielding brooms there was much hilarity.

I am confident that (apart from the rain) the evening was a good indicator of the year to come.  Everyone worked really hard to make the evening a success, we laughed a good deal, overcame the adversity of the weather and still managed to raise Club funds – all of which will be put to good use.  It really showed us at our best!  So a big thank you for the year to come.

I have now chaired my first Club Council and Business Meeting and there is much activity within the Club as we got ready for forthcoming events.  The first event was the Strawberries and Antiques afternoon at Orchard Place Farm.  I was unable to attend because I was working but I can see from the photos on the website that it was a lovely afternoon.  Someone baked a strawberry gateau that would not have looked out of place on The Great British Bake off and Keith had baked hundreds of scones.  I am yet to hear whether anyone produced a family heirloom worth millions but we were able to present Ann Baldock with £500 for the NSPCC.

On the 22nd of July we met at the Duke of Wellington at Ryarsh to play petanque and had a delicious buffet meal.  This was only the second time I have played – and I played with more enthusiasm than skill. However, everyone had a good time and there was plenty of laughter and banter.  Jo in particular is very competitive! I expect he is glad that I was not in his team!  A perfect example of the fellowship that is such an important part of Rotary.  

Our major event of the summer is the Kent Affordable Art Show at Grange Park School, Wrotham that started with a Preview Evening on the 25th of July with Graham Clarke as the guest of honour.  We opened to the public on Saturday and Sunday.  With free entry people could buy art and crafts at affordable prices.

In May I presented my plans for the coming year to the Club and there were 5 main priorities.  I want to consolidate the changes to the way the Club works that were introduced during Pam’s year, to make the public more aware of Malling Rotary, to increase membership, continue to raise funds and to provide fellowship opportunities for fellow members.

Ken has taken on the role of Publicity Officer and I am looking forward to working with him to let people know we are here.

I am at the early stages of planning a Teddy Bear’s Tea Picnic to add to our programme of regular events.  This will be to raise funds for the NSPCC – who do such great work.  Not wanting to leave fellowship out – I will be canvassing Club members about a President’s long weekend – possibly to Krakow.

Don’t forget to look at the programme of events -there are lots coming up and all are welcome to become involved.

A busy time ahead for us all!


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