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It is now officially spring and there is something of that energy and growth that we see about us permeating the Club as members focus on the many activities planned for the coming months. These are, as they should be, exciting times.

Our March programme began well, as reported previously, with Gardiner’s talk about the steam railway and this was followed on 11/03/14, by a very effective Business meeting which focussed on two important areas, Finance and Future Planning.

The Financial report, as always, reflects Tony’s meticulous attention to detail, and enabled all members to see how effective the money raised by our many activities had actually benefited a great variety of recipients. One in particular received a fair amount of attention as a District Grant of £620, which Gardner successfully applied for, was added to the amount raised by the Club to support the purchase by the Scouts Association of their campsite at Comp Wood. The total donation from the Club was therefore £2,820. This very sizeable sum was warmly received by the Scouts and the Rev. Derek Carpenter, who liaised with us on behalf of the Scouts, will be coming to the Club on the 6th May to tell us about the project, which we also hope to see for ourselves on a visit to the site in the not-too distant future.

The Tasks and Committees meeting on 18/03/14 enabled us to plan our timetable for the summer months more precisely and the revised programme of events has been published on the Club website by Tony for all to read. Hopefully members not at that meeting will see the many exciting things that will be taking place and will sign up to take an active part in their implementation.

Attendance at the Partners and Guests evening on the 25/03/14 was particularly good and we were joined by the District Governor, Chris Barnett, the Conference Organiser, Denis Spiller from the District team and his wife Penny who is a Rotarian in the Kings Hill Club. These important visitors were there to celebrate the extraordinary service to the Community of the Service by Emergency Response Volunteers (whom we know as the “Blood Runners” though this is very clearly not their only service) and to present a cheque to their Chairman, Arthur Godden, who also attended the meeting. The substantial sum had been earned by our two members, Don and June Ingram who spoke at the District Conference in the autumn about the charity and the vital and selfless task they perform to ensure that blood, and other vital substances are available when needed. Don and June are leading members of the organisation both in the work they do constantly, as organisers (and sometimes as carriers) and in their busy programme to raise awareness of the charity.


Club Council actually took place on 31/03/14 but the details and proposals arising from that meeting were shared with members at the AGM/Business Meeting on 08/04/14.

However, the first meeting of the month, 01/04/14, was both a surprise and a lot of fun. The first meeting of each month is dedicated to members and can be as formal and informal as people wish. Our President Elect for 2014/15, Dennis Reavell had organised a “Call My Bluff” evening and persuaded four members to be on the panel. The organisation was highly secret and both panel members and the teams did not know the content until the event started. Clearly Dennis (and Valerie) had worked hard to prepare the word game, and clearly the panel members were quite good at lying, since, in a true and quite incomprehensible spirit of fellowship, each of the seven teams only managed to get one right! This was a very entertaining evening for the Club and also something of a rehearsal for a similar event we are planning in May for a wider audience. We hope Rotarians, past and present, and friends will support us at the Ryarsh Village Hall on May 17th. Details will be published on the website.

The AGM/Business Meeting was the opportunity to recognise and celebrate all that has been achieved during this Rotary year. It is encouraging that we have achieved all that we set out to do so far, and there is still more in the planning process. Over ten thousand pounds have been raised and donated to a range of charities, including Foundation and Polio Plus and, for a relatively small club, this is something to celebrate. Bearing in mind that many other activities are planned for the spring and summer, the final sum for this year is likely to be much greater. The energy that has gone into fund raising events, fellowship activities and internal review has been amazing and it is a real privilege and pleasure to be President of such a proactive, inclusive club. Some members were surprised by the amount that had been achieved so, if you were unable to attend the meeting, please read the minutes carefully so that you can join in the sense of satisfaction and incentive to build on past success.

There will be no meeting on 22/04/14 the day following the Easter weekend, but the guest speaker for our Partners and Guests evening the following Tuesday (29/04/13) will be Ann Baldock, who will be reflecting on the work of the NSPCC and the particular role she has played for many years.

The District Assembly takes place on Saturday morning 26/04/14 at the Holmesdale Technical College in Snodland, the usual venue, and we hope that as many members as possible will attend to learn more about the work of Rotary in the present year but also to meet the next District Governor and to hear the plans for the 2014/15 which may influence our decisions for the next year.

Planning ahead

May is going to be a particularly busy month for the Club and every member will have a part to play in the activities planned. Please ensure that you have these dates in your diary.

06/05/14      Special extra Partners and Guest evening. Derek Carpenter is our guest speaker

13/05/14      President’s Night. Leeds Castle

17/05/14     “Call My Bluff” Ryarsh Hall

20/05/14      Club Assembly

25/05/14      “Picnic in the Park” (East Malling)

27/05/14      Partners & Guests evening (“Only Fools and Hearses”)